REVIEW: Alex in Wonderland by Max Monroe

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I’m Matt Hadder. 
I’ve been called ruthless, savage—even brutal—by the men and women who work for me. And I’ve earned my reputation.

Wonderland Inc., a party planning organization for every major player in the world, is Oz, and I’m its Wizard. I can make anything—drugs, prostitutes, deals—appear for a night and disappear just as quickly.

This doesn’t make me good or bad—it makes me essential.

Wonderland Inc. was my life, until a beautiful contradiction of innocence and impurity, obedience and rebelliousness named Alex Little stepped in and turned both of our worlds upside down.

Welcome to Wonderland, Alex.
A place where everything appears normal.
But we’re all mad.



Veering from their normal Rom-Com style, Max Monroe’s Alex in Wonderland mixed the darker side of romance with Rom-Com in this fresh take of a spin-off of Alice in Wonderland. Mixed with grit and the boldness of this new reality, Alex’s world is far darker than Alice’s ever was. It’s sexy, untamed, and much like a young woman being snared into another world, one far more wild and tantalizing.

I loved the liberties that were taken with this loose interpretation, the little relations and far-reaching dissimilarities that somehow still very much worked in the grand scheme. It’s no longer a fairytale, but a tale of a woman finding her path in life that just so happened to begin with a rabbit. The Hatter and Alex’s combustible connection, centered around the contrast of the meek and the powerful, created a strong pull that lured me to turn the pages. And somehow amongst the darker edges, Max Monroe still managed to throw in the contradictory lightness of humor they’re well known for. Somewhere in the second half, it felt that the direction was a bit lost at times, and while it was noticeable to me, it didn’t deter me from reading on, and I don’t believe many will let it deter them.

Max Monroe stretched their muscles and found sure footing in a little bit of darkness with this one and it was enjoyable. I’m looking forward to seeing if they plan to take any other fairytales and put their spin on them and the possibilities each could offer for both them and readers. Predictability aside, Alex in Wonderland was a fun and inventive love story.



      “It is. It’s just…jarring.”

      “You don’t find it natural?” I asked, putting a hand to her back and making her step closer. The pleasure girl moaned and writhed, her skin a flushed rose of arousal as Spade continued to play with her. Lou Diamond had joined them now too, feasting on her breasts and stroking his cock while kneeling on the plush red couch behind her opened leg.

      Alex shook her head and nodded at the same time, her every nerve ending buzzing with confusion over what she’d been taught was appropriate, and the very opposite way she felt.

      “That could be you,” I whispered, leaning into her back and grazing the shell of her ear with my breath.

      She shivered—for about a millisecond—before bounding away and turning to meet my eyes, panic stark in hers. “Me? Do that? Like…right here? In front of people?” she stuttered. “No. No. Um, no.”

      Excitement shot down my spine at her anxiousness. “No?” I questioned, careful to keep my tone reproachful. I wanted her to feel pressured—just to see if she could withstand it.

      After a brief pause, she confirmed with a curt, determined shake of her head. “No.”

      At six foot six and two hundred and seventy pounds, I was nothing short of physically intimidating. I was impressed by her backbone.

      “Okay,” I agreed easily. Her eyes widened, and her plump lips parted. I took pleasure in her surprise.


A secret duo of romance authors team up under the pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you a sexy, laugh-out-loud new series…& more. 😉

New writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half.

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