REVIEW: Courtship of the Cake by Jessica Topper


Courtship of the Cake

Much “I Do” About Nothing, Book Two

(Can be read as a standalone)

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From the author of Dictatorship of the Dress comes a new novel about a woman who’s vowed to never walk down the aisle—and the two men who’ll do anything to get her to say “I do”…

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” has suited Danica James just fine…until the mysterious man who crashed her sister’s wedding steals her heart, leaves a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, and then disappears.

Hoping to forget her unforgettable fling, Dani takes a job as a backstage masseuse for a rock music festival, not expecting the tour’s headlining bad boy to make an offer she can’t refuse. Nash Drama needs a fiancée—and fast…

Mick Spencer is the best wedding cake designer in New Hope and the town’s most eligible bachelor. But despite the bevy of bridesmaids he’s sampled, Mick can’t get the evening he spent with Dani out of his mind.

So when she shows up for a cake tasting at the Night Kitchen—with his former best friend’s ring on her finger—Mick vows to charm the woman of his dreams into choosing a sweet and sinful ever after, with him



Two people who shared an amazing night, like passing ships in the sea, were never meant to see each other again. Dani and Mick had instant chemistry on that fateful night, but with the incident that happened afterward, it meant they were never meant to be. But neither can forget the other, and neither are expecting to see each other again.

Dani lives sort of a hippy lifestyle, minus the main hippy part of it. She loves to travel and seeing new things. It’s this craving, as well as trying to keep her mind off of all things Mick, that has her taking employment for the traveling rock music festival as their masseuse. And it’s there, while she’s enjoying herself, that she runs across Nash Drama. There’s instant friendship between the two, despite his rocker status and good looks. When he comes in need of a fake fiancee, it’s her that he requests. And, for some reason, she accepts. Maybe it’s because she sees that he really needs someone in his corner, but she knows she has to help him. Dani was a strong female character. She knew, at all times, who she was and what she wanted. And she was simply a caring person.

Mick hasn’t been able to forget Dani. And he’s gone on sort of a bender of searching for bridesmaids to try to scratch that itch of his. But nothing compares to Dani. And his whole world is thrown upside down when she comes to his bakery engaged to his childhood best friend. Mick was playful, and acted a lot older than his years. He was an enjoyable hero who, despite wanting what was his, still took care to those around him. He may have been misguided in things, but he still cared.

Most of the novel switches from the night Mick and Dani met to the current. I think because of this, I had a somewhat difficult time really feeling their connection. I still wholly enjoyed their journey, as well as seeing Nash grow into who he deserved to be. The friendship between Nash and Dani was sweet and made me feel, as the reader, that I wanted a friendship like that.  While slow at times, the journey to finding oneself was enjoyable to read, and getting to feel the shared childhood that all of the characters shared was fun. At times, I wished and felt it were more of Nash’s journey than Dani’s. And I hope we get to see some from him as I fell in love with who he became.



Dictatorship of the Dress

Much “I Do” About Nothing, Book One

Purchase:  Amazon



Jessica Topper is an ex-librarian turned rock n’ roll number cruncher. She can trace her love for the written word back to age three, when she memorized Maurice Sendak’s “Chicken Soup with Rice” in its entirety.

After her daughter was born, Jessica left the Manhattan library world and began working for her husband’s music management company. He offered her a part-time bookkeeping job so she could “stay home for the baby’s first year” and pursue her dream of writing.

The baby is now twelve, and Jessica has been working her full-time, sold-her-soul-for-rock-n-roll job as Office Manager for veteran jam band moe. ever since. She may have traded in books for bookkeeping, but the written word is never far from her mind, or her heart.

Jessica lives in upstate New York with her husband, daughter and one ancient cat.

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