REVIEW: Eyes Wide Open (The Blackstone Affair #3) by Raine Miller

eyes wide open


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Rating: 3.5 stars

I was a huge fan of NAKED and really enjoyed ALL IN, so I was looking forward to getting the chance to read this book, the next book in the series (side note: There is a fourth book in The Blackstone Affair due out tentatively in December). So it pains me to say that although I enjoyed the first two books and love clove smoking, potty mouthed Ethan, I was a little underwhelmed by the first half of this book.

I love Ethan Blackstone. I really do. The thing I loved about Ethan in the first two books was that he had so much passion for Brynne. He quite simply wanted to devour her and possessed her in a way that she needed.

As much as I loved this about him, I felt that in the beginning of this book, he took it way too far, especially when he was trying to avoid talking about his past. In fact, he quite frankly tried to fuck the crazies dreams and bad memories out by using Brynne. Now I know Brynne enjoyed ever minute of it, but it just got to be too much for me. Where was the passionate, loving, worshipping Ethan? I missed him.

I felt the first part of this book dragged a bit since it took place at his sister’s house in the country. This whole weekend getaway seemed to go on forever, and even though important things were discovered, I found myself asking myself when this book was going to move on. I even put this book down multiple times to read something else, which isn’t like me at all. I just couldn’t stay focused on what was going on.

With that being said, I really did love the second half of this book. I loved the “place” Brynne and Ethan were in and I loved what their relationship had evolved into. I liked how it was eventful and different things were going on, despite these events being extremely sad. I enjoyed finding out who was behind threatening Brynne and all the action that followed. I think this was my favorite part of the book since it had been looming since the start of the series.

“My greatest love, and my greatest potential loss, was safe in my arms and I just couldn’t let her go.”

I did wish I got more answers though. I feel like I still have no idea what really happened to Ethan when he was captured while in Special Forces. He sort of told Brynne, but not really. I feel like their story is still incomplete, which is why I’m thrilled that Raine is going to be writing a fourth book in the series! One can never get enough Ethan Blackstone and I most definitely will be reading that one.

“Brynne needed to make beautiful pictures with her body. It was her reality. I needed to possess her – to take care of her in order to fulfill some dominant requirement within my psyche – my reality.”

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  1. You, know? I agree. I was a bit underwhelmed by the 3rd book, which really bummed me out, b/c I had looked so forward to it. And though I was glad to see they got their happily after, I needed something more.

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