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Rough and Tumble Book Three

(Can be read as a standalone)

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On the dusty outskirts of Vegas, there’s a down and dirty saloon where all sorts of lethally charming—and genuinely dangerous—men carouse to seduce the women who happen to venture inside on their way to and from Sin City.

Despite the many women he’s bedded over the years, Gideon Lane has never been able to get Rochelle Burton completely out of his head. He certainly never expected to see the city girl again, now a successful author, all grown up in all the right places and asking for his protection.

After their disastrous night together, Rochelle was determined to put Gideon—and the things he made her want—far behind her. But when an obsessive fan expresses their anger over her latest book in a disturbing way, Rochelle’s overprotective cousins insist she hire the best bodyguard the Rough & Tumble saloon can offer.

Both Rochelle and Gideon intend to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when the threat to Rochelle puts them in close quarters , Gideon can’t help wanting the chance to prove that some things are better the second time around…



A second change romance of two people who did not have the best first chance. Rochelle and Gideon were friends who became lovers, but after their first night together, she ran far, far away. She felt like an idiot, a failure, and couldn’t stand to face the rejection. Gideon has definitely been living an easy sort of life with women always close by, and a job that he loves, but it never sat right with him the way things went down with Rochelle. Both in and out of bed.

Rochelle grew up with money, and always visited the country every summer. There is where she met Gideon. There was an instant sort of friendship with mutual attraction. Now that Rochelle is older, and more experienced, the last thing she wants to do is go back to Gideon for help. She’s a very successful author now, and has someone after her in revenge for writing her last book. The only person her family will hire for protection is Gideon. So she goes to him, but remains cool and aloof. She doesn’t want him to see that she’s still intensely attracted to him, or that she still wants him. But with him so close to her, she is finding it difficult to resist. Rochelle put forward a persona that she was sort of a rich, snooty woman when in reality it was her wall of protection. She used that same wall towards Gideon,

Gideon is pretty damn cocky. Every night a different woman, or sometimes women, to entertain him. He’s sure of himself and his abilities, both in his bodyguard work and his personal life. But the same way that Rochelle has that wall, I think Gideon had the exact same wall put up to show others that he was confident. I don’t think he truly was, deep down. I think he had strong feelings for Rochelle and buried them the only way most men know how. And now that they’re working together, he has to hold back to remain professional.

I enjoyed the characters, and I love second chance romances. They always get to me, and especially this one because their first experience with each other was less than desirable. There was angst on the build-up, and in wondering who would put down that wall first. And, I love when the man is in some sort of profession that he has to protect the woman (i.e. bodyguard) because that can be intensely sexy to watch him protect her. Especially when they have history. The one thing I had trouble with was that it was sort of slow. My attention waned some in the first quarter or more, and it was hard to keep myself going. But I did, and I enjoyed their finding each other again.




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Crystal Green loves to write her digital first Rough and Tumble romance books and her new adult Aidan Falls series! She has two other pen names as well: 1) Chris Marie Green, who wrote THE SHE CODE, a New Adult Single Girl novel and the urban fantasy series Vampire Babylon and the Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series 2) Christine Cody, who wrote the post-apocalyptic western fantasy series Bloodlands.

She loves to read, over-analyze movies and TV programs, practice yoga, and travel when she can

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