REVIEW: In Too Deep by Eliza Jane

in too deep

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Rating: 3 stars

I loved the idea of this book. Computer hacker hacks into the school’s test to get a perfect score just because she wanted to see if she could. She gets into the school BECAUSE she was able to hack into the school’s computer system. This had some espionage, James Bond type stuff going on and I was intrigued. Oh yea, throw in a hot player, bad boy to create some good old fashioned angst. I was excited to read this book!

“My general rule of thumb is that if I’m capable of getting in, they practically deserve to be hacked.”

The whole idea behind Wilbrook Academy intrigued me. The school has only seventeen students, ages seventeen and eighteen, and each student is recruited for a special skill. Languages, bomb building/defusing, negotiations, etc. It screamed secret government agency. So when Taylor realizes that the assignments she’s getting from the quasi-headmaster has actual real life consequences, her computer hacking stops being just a fun hobby.

In addition to getting acquainted with a new school, Taylor also meets Colt, the nineteen year old man whore of the school. He’s hot and he knows it. He has girls on speed dial and pretty much has his pick of girls both in school and out.  But, he’s been fascinated by Taylor since before he even met her. There was something about her that caught his eye. However, Taylor wanted really nothing to do with him. He was hot and she was attracted to him, but she knew he was trouble and only after one thing.

As much as I enjoyed the angst-filled romance story line, I felt like it overshadowed the intrigue of the school and Taylor’s computer hacking skills. I wanted to know more about the school, the company that funded the school, the assignments that these students were sent on. Unfortunately, I felt the author spent more time on Taylor’s feelings or non-feelings for Colt, rather then the happenings at the school, which is what I would have preferred.

I was looking forward to hearing about the different missions and how the school functions in the espionage world. But, I never seemed to get that. I felt like this aspect of the story was more in the periphery of the story rather than in the forefront. This was further exemplified with the ending in regards to the school. The ending came out of no where and left me scratching my head wondering what the hell was going on. And when I did get some insight into assignments, they felt unrealistic and no explanation was given. I was a bit frustrated while reading.

The lack of focus on the school and assignments wouldn’t have bothered me as much if the romance didn’t feel so forced. Although I liked both characters, I didn’t feel like these two really belonged together. Don’t get me wrong, there was chemistry between the two of them…it just seemed like these characters were not a natural fit for one another.

Taylor was attracted to Colt, but she really did make an effort to avoid him and really never appeared to like him too much. So it was a little surprising when she all of sudden decided to give him a chance, especially after knowing about his manwhore ways. That being said, one thing that continually bothered me throughout the book was Colt’s refusal to stop being a manwhore! He knew he liked Taylor, but instead of trying to change, he allowed himself to fall into his normal routine of girls. In fact, even after he made his feelings known to her, he still kept going back to his old ways. I was so frustrated! To me, this just showed me that he really never did change at all nor did he want to. This left me having a sour taste in my mouth when thinking of him.

As a whole, this book was just an okay read for me. I had no problem with the writing at all. I actually think this author is a great writer. For me it was the story line – I wish it was given a bit more finesse.


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