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Rating: 4 stars

I’ve been waiting until the last book in The Alpha Group came out to start this book. The Alpha Group series are three short books ranging from 100 – 160 pages and now they are all available. The first opening scene of the book – when Sophia first meets Sebastian – which takes up about the first 25% of the book, was attention grabbing and had me hooked. After their initial meeting, he awakens something inside of her that she never knew he had hidden and she agrees to explore some sort of relationship with him.

Sebastian is an interesting character. He is very much a dominant, controlled Alpha male, but the interesting thing about him is it really isn’t his physical appearance that makes him come off that way. It was the way he spoke, his tone, word choice, body language. And to me, that makes him even more hotter. He is very secretive, which I’m sure will become more of a plot point as the series progress, and has a kind of lifestyle that he dictates.

“He smelled like pure sex, like raw, distilled masculinity. It sucked the breath from my lungs and turned my insides to jelly.”

I don’t love him…yet. There is something very sexy about him, but something is holding me back from going all swoon-worthy on him. I feel like the secretiveness is not a very good thing so I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. However, I am pretty certain that by the second and third book, I will probably love him, so I’m waiting to form my overall opinion on him.

Now Sophia is not your typical heroine. She is intelligent, career-driven, ambitious and relatively out spoken. Her past personal relationships are vaguely hinted at but I got the sense that she’s been burned in the past, which plays a part in her attitude towards her relationship with Sebastian. I really liked her throughout the book and am hoping she stays this strong, independent woman throughout the series.

“It was hard not to feel some kind of connection when you gave yourself to somebody so completely like that, but the fact was that this was just business as usual for him. Something fun to pass the time. Letting myself believe it was anything else was dangerous. All I could do was enjoy it for what it was.”

Because this was the first book in the series and is a relatively short book, the ending came about a little abruptly. However, rest assured there is no big cliffhanger AND both the second and third books are available. I’m on to the second one and look forward to see what happens next! So if you want a fast read about a dominant, Alpha male, this is the series for you!

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