REVIEW: Pieces of You (Shattered Hearts #2) by Cassia Leo


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Rating 2.5 stars

I know I am in the minority when I say this, but I just did not like the turn of events in this story. I did like the first book, Relentless, and was excited to jump into Pieces of You to see what was in store for Claire and Adam. If you’ve read my review of Relentless, you will know that I am a TEAM ADAM girl. Well I don’t really think TEAM ADAM fans are going to love this book too much.

Before I get into my reasons for not loving this book, I need to lay my cards out on the proverbial table. I don’t mind love triangles, in fact, I like love triangles when they are done correctly. However, the minute an author has the person in the middle of the triangle jumping back and forth to the extent where it crosses a line, it loses its appeal. Now, I will say there are very specific times, where this happens and I still can love the book, but they are rare. In addition, I don’t like when the two people fighting for the middle one’s affections don’t care that the person has crossed a line and are willing to forgive them because they want them so much. End rant.

So I think you can safely assume where the story went in this book now. Claire became this wishy washy mess. What I liked about Claire in Relentless was that she grew. With the help of Adam, she broke out of her shell and allowed herself to feel again. That was all Adam. And then when Chris comes back into her life, she seems to forget about everything Adam has done for her in exchange of memories she had with Chris and the shared loss they have.

I get it. I understand why Claire is so confused. But, she became ridiculous in her reasoning for her actions. As I was reading I felt she was making one mistake after another and it just annoyed me. I felt like Claire just needed to make a decision and go with it, even if that decision was Chris. But, she kept stringing both guys along and let them both profess their undying love for her.

“I think of Chris and I want to crawl into a hole. I close my eyes so I don’t have to see Adam’s face. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m a disgusting person.”

The one thing I will give her is that she was honest with both Chris and Adam. I respected her for that. And don’t get me wrong, both Chris and Adam did some jack-ass things themselves. Neither of them were perfect in this book and they both made stupid mistakes. Ultimately, by the time I got to the ending, I was just over it. Claire got to a point where I just didn’t even care who she ended up choosing.

Here’s the thing. This wasn’t a bad story. This was good writing and a good plot. It was planned out well and the characters were developed. It just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t the type of book I gush over.

But, I do recognize that some people, most people, LOVE this book and series. I’m just not one of them. So if you liked Relentless, then I do recommend you read this second book and make up your mind for yourself.

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