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Rating: 3.5 stars

“It’s my ring. My crowd. My fight. My fucking night.”

I love Remy. This man is one complicated, delicious, raging Alpha male. If you love him, you will want to read this book. The idea of being inside this delectable man’s head had me foaming at the mouth. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on in that beautiful head of his. As much as I loved him, I did have a few problems with the story and how being in Remy’s head made me look at the other characters differently and not so positively.

One of my favorite things about this book was hearing what Remy thoughts on some of my favorite scenes in REAL. I loved hearing about that night he saw Brooke for the first time. I knew that Brooke instantly felt something for him, but with Remy it was a lot more than lust. Instead, Remy recognized something in her. Sure she was beautiful, but he didn’t just want her in bed for a night. He wanted her to see the real him, he wanted her to want more than Riptide. He wanted more. Sigh. I swooned many times.

“I don’t delude myself into thinking that she will accept me, but what if she does? What if she can understand me? The way I am? The two parts of me? No. Not two parts. Every. Single. Fucking. Part. Of me.”

What was intriguing about the first part of this book was getting to see his reasoning behind wanting to go slow with Brooke. I got to see what he saw in her that made her different. It was also fascinating to see how strategic Remy was in getting Brooke to travel with him. He planned out everything from getting her to his next fight to getting her to commit to travel with him.

I think a lot of people underestimate Remy. They see this beautiful, sexy man, but that’s all they see. What I learned in this book was that he is SO MUCH MORE. It was heartbreaking to hear how insecure Remy was about Brooke and his fear of her leaving once she found out about his illness. I loved Remy in REAL. I loved Remy in MINE. I loved Remy in this book.

“I don’t listen to my head anymore. I listen only to my gut.”

REMY mostly re-tells the events of REAL from Remy’s POV (about 65% of the book). It does touch on a few events from MINE and it also jumps to a time after MINE ends. I loved it when Remy would talk about Racer. A man and his child does all sorts of things to my heart. These moments cemented Remy as this perfect guy.

“My four month-old, Racer, the son Brooke gave me? He’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

The problem that I had with this book was that after reading Remy’s POV, I sort of hated everyone else in this book. In reading REAL, I understood why Brooke left him after his fight with Scorpian. I may not have liked it, but I understood she thought it was the right thing to do. But after reading those scenes from Remy’s POV, it made me really dislike Brooke and made her reasoning seem selfish. It broke my heart to hear what was going through his head when she left him in that hospital without giving him the chance to say anything. She made all these assumptions and never let him explain. It made me mad and tainted my impression of her for the rest of the book. For some reason, it didn’t bother me in REAL, but from Remy’s perspective, it really bothered me. I saw the whole situation differently.

In addition to Brooke, in my eyes Pete and Riley did not act like Remy’s brothers. Not only did they ignore him when he told them he didn’t want any other women, but Brooke, but they felt the only answer to Remy’s problems was to get laid by random women. Add to the fact that they sedated him and then send women into his room to have sex with him, all while he can barely move his arms or legs. Don’t even get me started with how they lied to him about sleeping with women while he was black, all while knowing he is in love with Brooke. It just made me feel like these people never really did have his best intentions at heart. I don’t think this bothered me so much when I was in Brooke’s head, because I always thought it was what Remy wanted. But that wasn’t the case and it pissed me off!

“Goddamn them for making me feel like I’m not worthy of her.”

One thing I was looking forward to seeing was blue Remy and black Remy. I couldn’t wait to see the differences between his two sides. However, when I did get to see black Remy, I didn’t really see any difference between the two. In fact, I couldn’t really even tell he was black Remy other than him being unable to sleep and insecure about Brooke. I wanted to see more differentiation between the blue and black Remy, especially during the times when he is black Remy for extended periods of time.

I liked this book because I love Remy – I will always love him. Ultimately, if you love Remy, you will want to read this book. Remy is the true shining star of this series. But, it just wasn’t what I expected. I wanted more. I wanted more of Remy’s backstory. I wanted to fall in love with the story and characters again, but instead it made me see the characters in a negative light and pointed out the things in the story that wasn’t explained. I just wanted more.

“I’ve never had something so perfect, pure, and precious in my life than my little firecracker and a little part of her, with a little part of me.”

★ ★ ★

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