BOOK REVIEW: The Darkest Sunrise by Aly Martinez

The Darkest Sunrise Duet Book One

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Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Whoever coined that phrase is a bald-faced liar. Words are often the sharpest weapon of all, triggering some of the most powerful emotions a human can experience.
“You’re pregnant.”
“It’s a boy.”
“Your son needs a heart transplant.”
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Syllables and letters may not be tangible, but they can still destroy your entire life faster than a bullet from a gun.
Two words—that was all it took to extinguish the sun from my sky.
“He’s gone.”
For ten years, the darkness consumed me.
In the end, it was four deep, gravelly words that gave me hope of another sunrise.
“Hi. I’m Porter Reese.”


The Darkest Sunrise beautifully captured a tale of hope and loss, and how easily both emotions can wrap around each other and reach out to drown you if given the chance to do so. While heartbreaking, there wasn’t a moment where it was too overwhelming or painful, and instead it was crafted to perfectly skirt the edges of both hope and loss to effectively bring the story to a personal level; to be felt and experienced as if this story were your own.

In a story of twists and turns and sadness, there was a truly captivating romance that swirled among it. Having two characters on the other side of such traumatic events, Martinez skillfully portrayed their emotions, inner demons, and the effects of how such events could wear on a person with ease. Their subtle connection to one another shone through instantly and created a bright, heartwarming love story, one where two people so blind to light could perfectly see one another. Their collective spiral into separate forms of grief became a bit less dark when in the presence of the other, and it was palpably felt; as if an audible sigh were heard.

Emotionally gripping and incredibly sexy, The Darkest Sunrise captivated and charmed. Martinez’s writing brought two characters to life and insisted we take this journey with them. Perfectly paced, the pages turned themselves and it was easy to lose myself in their past and present. This story completely thrilled in every direction it took, leaving me absolutely desperate for the final part of their story.


The Darkest Sunrise Duet Book Two

Release Date: July 27, 2017

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Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children.

Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person.

She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.

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