REVIEW: Withstanding Me (Breakneck #2) by Crystal Spears

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This is the second book in the Breakneck Series and although it is a stand alone, I do recommend you read Seize Me first

From the author: “If you can’t stand reading about drugs, violence, sex, murder and vengeance, then this isn’t a world for you.”

Rating: 3.5 – 4 stars

Crystal Spears’ Breakneck crew is back with a vengeance. I absolutely loved Seize Me; the grittiness, the violence, the action – I loved it all. So when this book was published a few days early, I dropped everything to read it. And although it did not have the same feel as Seize Me, the Breakneck world captivated me once again.

This book is ZZ’s story and it can be read as a stand alone (although I do recommend you read Seize Me first). ZZ had a daughter when he was thirteen – yes, you read correctly, thirteen – and that took its toll on him. He has always stayed away from love, preferring a quick lay over any type of relationship, especially since he has his mother and daughter to worry about. He doesn’t need another woman to deal with. But then he met Storm.

“Money is nothing; family is everything”

I liked ZZ. He was an honest, stand-up guy. He knew he wanted Storm but he respected her enough to hear what she was saying. He was a caring father to the frustrating Tatiana and a loyal friend to his MC brothers. I actually liked being his head more than I liked being in Storm’s. I loved his honesty.

Storm was rescued by Winter, the Breakneck MC President’s girlfriend, after she was sold into sex slavery. Instead of leaving when she had the chance, she chose to stay with her MC family. The only problem is she went and fell in love with ZZ, the man that doesn’t want to do anything but get between her legs. So instead of giving into her desire for him, she rebukes him, withstands him, until he is ready to give her everything she wants – mainly his heart.

“This is the life I’ve chosen for myself, and this is the life I’m gonna live. I’m sure someone from outside lookin in our world would chastise and criticize us for choosing to live this way and that’s okay; that’s their opinion. The truth people, is that this world isn’t all sunshine, flowers, and rainbows.”

Storm was bad ass. I am loving these Breakneck women. Storm, like Winter, does not take crap from anyone, even if it is their man. She is strong, loyal and true to her word. She will take a bullet for a friend and refuses to cower in the corner. I loved her strength and tenacity.

“I will never be controlled by a man. No matter if he’s got a pierced cock and that I love him. No fucking way.”

This story moved at a different pace than the first book. I felt like in the first book there was always something going on. This one was a bit slower. The relationship between ZZ and Storm was a lot different than the one between Winter and Braxxon. With ZZ and Storm they avoided their desire and attraction because ZZ couldn’t give her what she wanted and Storm wouldn’t settle for anything less. They were at an impasse for a good chunk of the book. I do wish their relationship progressed a bit faster than it did though.

In addition to the romance, there is someone after the Breckneck crew and the MC spends most of its time on lockdown as they figure it out. I thought this part of the story was a little lackluster at times. There wasn’t much going on. I missed that. I was looking forward to that feeling that I got when I read Seize Me, where my heart started beating so fast because I had no idea what the hell was going to happen next. I didn’t get that in this book and that disappointed me a bit.

Not only did we hear from ZZ and Storm in this book, but we also got a glimpse into Winter, Braxxon, Shadow, Tatiana and Pyro’s head. As much as I loved hearing from all of them, it felt a little jumbled for me. I would’ve liked to stay in ZZ and Storm’s head more than moving around. However, I understand why Crystal did it this way and it makes perfect sense. Not only did I get my fix of Braxxon/Winter, but Shadow and Tatiana’s story started piquing my interest as well. So if she was trying to get me pumped for Pyro and Shadow’s books, mission accomplished.

I liked this book. I like this author. I like this series. Do I think it was as amazing as I thought Seize Me was? No. Will I read the next book? Absolutely. I take full responsibility for the fact that because I loved Seize Me so much, I had very high expectations for this second book and that is a bit unfair because ZZ and Storm are two entirely different characters than Winter and Braxxon. For me this book teetered between 3.5 and 4 stars because although I love this world that Crystal created in Seize Me, I just wanted more from this story.

Crystal is an author that writes with honesty and does not hold anything back. I respect that. I crave that when reading a book. Because of that, I will read whatever she puts out next.


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