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Do you love romance novels? Are you looking for your nextfix? If so, you need to read Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye.

This book is about a woman named Abby who falls for a man who seems to be uninterested in her. However, as she gets to know him better, she begins to wonder if there is more to him than meets the eye.

The book has received mixed reviews, with some people finding it to be unrealistic and others finding it to be heartwarming and relatable. No matter what your opinion is, there’s no denying that Hard to Serve is an addicting and enjoyable read. So, if you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, be sure to check out Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye!

The Plot

If you’re looking for a heart-wrenching, yet ultimately uplifting, read, then look no further than Laura Kaye’s novel hard to serve. The book tells the story of Laura, a veteran of the Iraq War, who is now working as a counselor for other veterans. She is struggling with PTSD and is constantly haunted by memories of her time in the war. Laura is trying to help a fellow veteran named Jake who is dealing with his own demons. Jake is also struggling with PTSD and is suicidal. Laura is trying to help Jake deal with his demons and also trying to deal with her own.

The novel is a powerful exploration of the effects of war on those who serve. It is also a story of hope, as Laura and Jake help each other to heal.

hard to serve is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the effects of war on those who serve. It is also a moving story of hope and healing.

The Characters

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Today, I want to talk about the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye. This series is about the Raven Riders, a Motorcycle Club in Baltimore, Maryland. The main character is Shane “Irish” Fitzpatrick. He is the president of the Raven Riders and a former Marine. He is a tall, muscular, tattooed man with green eyes and dark hair. He is loyal, protective, and intense. He is also struggling with PTSD after his time in the Marines.

The other main characters are:

– Beckett “Becks” Rodeo: Shane’s second-in-command and best friend. He is also a former Marine. He is tall, muscular, and has tattoos. He is loyal and protective, but not as intense as Shane.

– Raven: The club’s mascot and Becks’ dog.

– Amelia “Mia” Sinclair: A doctor and the daughter of a senator. She is smart, independent, and determined. She is also attracted to Shane.

– Emily “Riss” Rodeo: Becks’ sister. She is a mechanic and the only woman in the Raven Riders. She is tough, independent, and doesn’t take crap from anyone.

The Raven Riders are a tight-knit group and they would do anything for each other. They are also a family – they look out for each other and they are there for each other when things get tough.

I really enjoy this series because it is so well-written and the characters are so compelling. I also love the fact that it is a series with a strong female lead. Laura Kaye is an amazing author and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

The first book in the series, Hard to Serve, is about Shane and his struggle with PTSD. I thought it was a very well-written and honest portrayal of PTSD and the effects it can have on someone’s life. I also thought it was a very romantic and sexy book. Shane is a very intense and loyal character and I loved reading about his journey.

If you are looking for a well-written, sexy, and romantic series, then I highly recommend the Hard Ink series by Laura Kaye.


Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things a person can go through. The pain is intense and all-consuming, and it can feel like you will never be able to move on. But eventually, with time, the pain will start to fade and you will be able to start rebuilding your life.

This is what Joan Didion explores in her novel, The Year of Magical Thinking. The book is about a woman who is struggling to deal with the death of her husband. Didion expertly captures the protagonist’s journey as she copes with her grief and starts to heal.

The book is also about the concept of family, and how the bonds of family can be both strong and fragile. Didion explores the idea of what it means to be truly loyal to someone, and whether it is possible to be loyal to more than one person at a time.

Ultimately, the book is about how love can help us through tough times. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, love can provide us with the strength to keep going.

Why You Should Read It

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and forget what’s truly important. But as Laura Kaye’s inspiring story shows, it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Kaye is the owner of a successful business, but her path to success was far from easy. She overcame a number of challenges, including poverty and domestic violence, to get where she is today.

Her story is one of determination and resilience, and it’s sure to inspire anyone who reads it. In addition to being an inspiring story, the book is also packed with practical advice on starting and running a business.

If you’re interested in starting your own business or if you need some inspiration to chase your dreams, “Review hard to serve laura kaye” is a must-read.


In her new book, Serving My Country, Serving My Family, military mom Jennifer Hladik provides readers with an intimate look at how she balances motherhood and military service.

Hladik, a mother of two and a veteran of the United States Air Force, candidly discusses the challenges and rewards of being a mother and a service member. She provides an inside look at the unique challenges military mothers face, from long deployments to the difficulty of being away from their children.

Hladik is honest about the challenges of motherhood and military service, but she also highlights the rewards. She writes about the pride she feels in serving her country and the satisfaction she gets from being a mother.

If you’re a woman struggling to balance motherhood and your career, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about the challenges military mothers face, Hladik’s book is a must-read.


Do you ever feel like you’re just not quite sure where you fit in the world? If so, you’re definitely not alone. And that’s one of the things that I loved about Laura Kaye’s book, Hard to Serve.

This book is all about a woman who falls in love with a man who is hard to serve. And let me tell you, it is steamy! The characters are incredibly well-written and the story is very engaging.

However, some people have found the book to be disappointing. They say it is too formulaic and clichd. But overall, I think the book is a great read. If you’re looking for something light and enjoyable, then I recommend giving Hard to Serve a try.


BDSM: A Book Recommendation for Those Who Struggle in the Service Industry

We all know that the service industry can be tough. It’s fast-paced, demanding, and often thankless. But it’s also a crucial part of our economy, and many of us have found ourselves working in the service industry at some point in our lives.

If you’re struggling in your service industry job, I have a book recommendation for you. It’s called “BDSM for Dummies.”

Now, before you close this blog post and write me off as a kinky pervert, hear me out. This book is not just for people who want to explore the BDSM lifestyle. It’s also for people who are already in the BDSM lifestyle and are looking for a new book to read.

But even if you’re not interested in BDSM, I think this book can be a valuable resource for anyone who is struggling in the service industry. Here’s why:

The book is a reminder that we are all human and that we all deserve to be treated with respect. No matter how hard our job may be, we should always try to serve our customers with a smile.

The book is also a reminder that no matter how difficult our job may be, we should always strive to be the best that we can be. By reading this book and learning about BDSM, we can better understand the importance of communication, consent, and respect in all aspects of our lives.

So, if you’re struggling in your service industry job, I recommend reading “BDSM for Dummies.” It’s a quick read and it just might help you to see your job in a new light.

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